Well Engineering

Iria Energy Javid carries out complex well design, drilling, work over and completion engineering for onshore and offshore drilling projects. Our capabilities cover the full cycle of a well’s life spanning the drilling, production and abandonment phases. Our well studies, reviews and analyses cover the following key areas:

Drilling Engineering

·         Drilling Program

·         Drilling Fluid & Casing Program

·         Completion Program

·         Well Testing

·         Well Intervention

Drilling Operations Preparation

·         AFE & Cost Control

·         Operational Manuals & Procedures

·         QHSE Management & Implementation

·         Risk Management & Mitigation

·         Performance Review & Optimization

Iria Energy Javid has applied its well engineering and well performance optimization expertise on behalf of clients operating in Iran &  the most challenging environments encountered by the O&G industry:

·         High Pressure / High Temperature

·         Deep Sea Drilling

·         Deviated and Horizontal Drilling

·         Extended Reach Drilling

·         Underbalanced Drilling

·         Slim-Hole Drilling
Iria Energy Javid can also associate its engineering expertise and its operational capabilities to provide its clients with further value through comprehensive Drilling Project Management solutions, We have overseas partnership with fully internationally experienced, could assist us when required .