Rig Inspection, Rig Audit Services & Engineering

Iria Energy Javid establish experienced & charted engineer to focused on the delivery of rig inspection and QHSE auditing services with overseas office support, Carrying out Rig Audit & sections, Commissioning and project management services, operating onshore and offshore, familiar with drilling units ranging from Land Rigs, Platform Rigs, Jack Ups, TAD, Semi-Submersible Rigs to Drillships.

Iria Energy is providing different type of audits, at different stages of your drilling project, Our mission is to help our customers eliminate present and minimize future operational risks, our inspectors were experienced working with major drilling contractors locally & internationally;

It is our company’s objective to provide a cost effective solution in providing good quality engineering support to the Drilling Industry, we audit, inspect and commission to compliance standards units on a spot and long term contractual basis for the various oil companies, our clients are some of the most famous oil companies, as well as national oil companies. we are also assisting drilling contractors for commissioning of new units, revamping and modifications projects.Rig Pre Hire Surveys

  • Rig Pre Hire Surveys
  • HSE MS Audit
  • Drops Survey
  • Training – Rig Integrity Workshop
  • Specific Technical Audits,
  • Rig Acceptance Testing
  • Commissioning Acceptance
  • Rig Intake
  • Rig Condition Survey to Compliance Standards